A Television Set The Size Of A Big Picture

My wife has remodeled our bedroom. She also wants to add a new bigger chest of drawers and a fancy big dresser. Now we want to put a big screen television with at least a forty-two inch screen. The problem with a big standard screen or even the new flat screen television of that size is that they are bulky and extremely heavy. This would also necessitate another piece of furniture in an already-crowded room.

One night as we were watching late-night television in our living room an advertisement came on about a plasma screen television. The plasma television was shown hanging on the wall. My wife and I looked at each other and knew we had a new alternative to check out.

The plasma television set would fit on the wall above the big chest of drawers, and across from the foot of our bed.

We did not know much about the quality of plasma televisions, so we went researching on the web.

The research showed that the selection of plasma televisions was extensive. We would be able to find the television of our choice and with the personality that would match our bedroom.

The features that we wanted for out television needs were quick response time (This was very important because I watch a lot of sports programs), high brightness rating, and high contrast ratio (The higher the contrast ratio, the greater the television’s ability to display subtle color details and not be washed out by ambient room light).

Because we enjoy listening to quality music and enjoy musical plays and movies, we needed a television with built-in stereo speakers that produced at least two watts per channel, and were capable of linking to a surround sound system.

Through our research, we found that we need to have a television that incorporates connections which accommodate S-video, and RCA, A/V, connections, as well as the regular A/V inputs and RF inputs. These connections enable you to hook up a DVD or VCR player.

To top everything off, we felt we needed at least two headphone jacks for quiet viewing. The other main necessity for us was a his and her remote control.

So in review the key features of our plasma television were the following; pixel resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, number and types of connection cables, and built-in stereo speakers.

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