Television Premiers and Their Marketing Gimmicks

Repetitive schedules every week might urge the fans to switch to
other channels in search of new films, unless it is a film like 3 Idiots
or DDLJ that’s being telecasted.

But again it depends on which
film is being telecasted. Films like Once Upon A Time IN Mumbai Again
and Zanjeer which bombed at the box office proves to back fire for
channels telecasting them unless there is no good option on TV. While
most of them have opted for seeing BIGG BOSS 7 with Salman Khan or
MAHABHARAT on a Sunday evening, it only goes out to prove that people do
not have access to very few good films on the weekend. So while
channels need to make an attempt to bring new films to improve their
TRPs, they also need to shuffle with good films in their schedule rather
than frequently repeating it. If they do not adapt to this formula they
might just end up being another Channel V. While the music channel
converted itself into a youth centric channel and have got ridden of
their dose of music, the channel had started showcasing films every
morning. But then the repetitiveness of films forced the channel to
replace it with new youth centric shows. Similar was the case with MTV
who once showcased films only to realise that the formula isn’t working
for them.

But some channels still manage to sell old and new
releases in a very modern manner wherein they bank upon their
promotional tactics to make the broadcast a hit formula. Social media,
mobile marketing and various contests make sure that the film, in spite
of being telecasted for the millionth time will get its audience. These
contests include bribing prizes like the film posters, DVDs, merchandise
and even a date with the lead star cast of the film. Hindi movie TV
channels like Sony Max, Movies Okay, COLORS and Zee films are too fond
of this technique of promotion. While Facebook and Twitter contests
begin a few hours before the movie is broadcasted, the excitement and
the moods are already set.

However with limited techniques of
promotion and lack of innovation, it will be interesting to see how
these movie channels cash in their gimmicks to hold on to their viewers.

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