Make Money At Home-Start Here First

Make Money At Home-Start Here First
© 2004 Jeff D. Schuman

So you want to make money working at home! You are not
alone. According to a recent search I did the term make
money was typed in almost 100,000 times in one month. There
are a lot of people wanting to make money working at home.

I was one of them and now can excitedly say I do just that.
No more traffic jams, bosses, co-workers, 8-5, Mon-Fri., 2
weeks vacation etc.

Don’t get me wrong! A J.O.B. certainly is needed to pay the
bills and provide for the lifelong essentials for millions
of people.

But it is interesting how many people have figured out that
there is more than one way to do that. And making money
working at home is one of them.

What proves to be a little harder is finding a job working
at home. There are a lot of companies that are willing to sell
you information lists that claim to have companies looking
at work at home employees or sub-contractors.

My own opinion is that the only one who makes out on this
method is the person selling you the information. My advice
is Do Not Pay To Buy Information On Companies Looking For
Work At Home People.

How about this…..Start Your Own Home Business providing a
product or service that there is a need for. Finding a
niche in the marketplace is not as hard as it would seem.

The best place to begin is with a topic you have a personal
interest in. If you are going to be doing this everyday you
might as well like doing it.

In my case I chose 2 topics. The make money at home
opportunity seeker and the small business sector. I like
working with people and I understand how small businesses
operate because I have personally worked with small
business owners for the past 20 years.

Next is to choose a product that could fill a need to your
market you are going into. Make a list of everything that
you can think of. Nothing is to off the wall. I have even
heard of a farmer in Kansas who sells colored tumbleweeds
all over the world.

One thing I have found helpful is to see what people are
searching for on the internet. A really good tool for that
is the search term suggestion tool with Overture.

Go ahead and type in words and phrases and see what people
are looking for relating to a topic you might be interested
in selling a product for.

Next I want to look at what the competition is doing. Doing
a search on Google is a very good way to see what websites
are out there relating to your topic.

Do not be afraid of competition, but do expect to work
harder if you want to make money working at home in a
competitive field.

You don’t need a lot of of tools to start making money working
at home. In my case I use a laptop with high speed internet
access, an email account, a second phone line separate from
my personal line, a printer, and efax to receive faxes.

You could get by with just a good internet connection and a
decent email provider to start. Don’t use a free email
account like hotmail or yahoo. Be professional!

I learned how to build simple websites for my products, how
to advertise the products both online and offline, and how
to use my telephone for follow-up.

This took a while and I have found that joining a good
affiliate program can provide you with products, training
material, marketing tools, websites and more to help you
get your make money at home business off the ground as you
are learning.

There is no doubt the biggest obstacle you will encounter
is finding prospects, customers, traffic, or whatever you
want to call it.

This is the number one reason people fail working from
home. You have a great product or service, now how do you
tell the world about it!!

My advice is to zero in on a main marketing strategy and
then branch off from that. I’ll give you an example. When I
started my small business website design company I decided
that signing up affiliates in various large metro areas and
providing them with a pre-written telemarketing script and
objections/rebuttals list was the best way to attract customers

Pay them a handsome commission and residual income and
support them with an excellent product and back-end service.
I branched out into internet marketing and advertising from
there. There is always more than one way to skin a cat, but
focus on one method before you add another. Do not become a
jack-of-all-trades and a master of none when it comes to
marketing your business.

I would close this article by saying this. You have to
become a sponge and spend some time and money learning how
to make money working at home. Subscribe to as many
newsletters, publications, etc. as your time allows you to
read. BUT….Do Not Get caught up in the trap of learning,
but not earning.

Take what you are learning and get in the game. Knowledge
without action is a waste. If you will apply what you learn
you will reap the rewards of the rapidly growing number of
people who are happily making money working from home!

Jeff Schuman’s Make Money website contains hundreds of ways to make money online.His Make Money Newsletter offers the hottest new ways to make money at home.http://www.Team-Schuman.com

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