Stick To Your Pre Planned Rental Plans

Many feel as if the world is out to get them. When they look around they see companies charging more for every little thing and they are worried about the eventuality of these overcharges and how they will eventually stop people from being able to afford anything. Of course, the car rental companies are businesses and as such they are looking to make some money and although they do make money by renting their vehicles a lot of the extra money they make comes from your lack or preparedness. So if you want to keep more money in your pocket and pay less to the rental agencies then there are some things that you can do to keep your costs down.

Just in case you never had a clue, always check with your car INSURANCE carrier before you ever open a car rental company door. You would be surprised at how many people don’t know what their insurance covers. This will put you at a disadvantage with the opening dialog with a rental agent. He will try to convenience you the extra rental insurance fee is worth in your best interests. Having all this information before hand will keep you out of extra costly fees hot water.

EXTRAS – These are, for the most part, items that you take for granted when you travel in a rental, but could end up costing you considerably more for your renting experience if you allow them to supply these items. If you already have and need items such as a GPS system, child car seat, roof carrier, bike rack, or ski rack, if possible bring them with you. If you include these in your rental, your rates just went through the roof. This is pure profit for the rental companies.

ASSESSING YOUR SITUATION – Never readily accept the agents’ suggestions concerning any extras. A good pre plan should settle any of these issues at the counter. You should have a pretty good ideal how many miles you will use and double check the details so you are not charged for extra miles. Figuring gas needs and check in date, time and location should keep your budget in the black.

Some things we have to pay for without the option of cutting it’s cost; that’s just the way it is and we learn to accept it and move on. Thankfully vehicle rental isn’t one of them and this is one area we can choose what best suits our needs and save money in the process.

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