Effectively Advertising Your Mobile App On Social Media

With all the recent buzz surrounding mobile advertising, it is not a far reach to think social media has played a significant part in the trend. In many ways social media has been the catalyst for mobile advertising, and has certainly elevated online advertising as a whole. While social media ads can feature everything from weight loss pills to best selling books, mobile apps have also been getting in on the action. Particularly, mobile enterprises have begun to use social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to target their key demographics using mobile devices.

Mobile Or Desktop Ads

As social media platforms more frequently feature ads for mobile apps, doing so has become an option that has simply not been available in the past. In a lot of ways this presents an appealing option for mobile apps to target the users of their compatible devices. At the same time, the full site versions of social media outlets also provide an opportunity to tap app users that would perhaps not know about such mobile offerings.

The city building app, Megapolis, has recently taken out advertisements on social media sites like Facebook. The gaming app has been increasingly successful, experiencing thousands of positive reviews and even more users that haven’t yet provided reviews. While the app was popular to begin with, its popularity has really begun to take off with the use of social media advertising. And what is perhaps most notable about Megapolis’ marketing strategy is that it has featured ads on Facebook’s full site. Considering the app is primarily based on mobile devices, this is an interesting advertising strategy for the mobile enterprise to take. Essentially, it is targeting users on Facebook that are not using mobile devices when they see the ad. At the same time, Megapolis’ strategy is assuming that a significant portion of Facebook users also own mobile devices and can subsequently access the app. 

Using Your Own Strategy

It may be a risky strategy to advertise your mobile app on social media full sites, but if you think about it, it’s really not that risky. In other words, it’s not like you are a health food store advertising in front of a fast food restaurant. It is safe to say that a significant number of Facebook users own mobile devices and consequently download apps on those devices. For this reason, you may wish to consider advertising your mobile offering on both social media full sites and mobile apps. In doing so, you will more effectively reach users on the devices your app is compatible with. Perhaps, it will give you incentive to branch out your app’s compatibility with more operating systems. When it comes to advertising your mobile app, the best angle to take is the one that finds more users for your device. After all, if your app is appealing enough, users will be more willing to exhaust all efforts to download it. Some will even consider your app when deciding which mobile device and operating system to use. That is the true power of effective advertising.


If your mobile enterprise has an app that it wishes target to a specific niche in the market, then social media may be an important consideration. Advertising on social media grants your app exposure to a higher concentration of compatible mobile users that are more likely to be drawn to download, it opposed to many other forms of advertising. 

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