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Living in the Information Age means that you need the best possible access to all of the digital resources that make life so rich these days. This means being completely connected at your home through the Internet, as well as maintaining a land based phone line and cable TV service. The problem with this is that making sure that you’re getting the best possible access while paying a fair price can be a confusing process. Fortunately Comcast is here to help you. That’s because the leader in the cable TV industry has expanded it’s offerings in order to provide all three of these great services.

Comcast’s broadband Internet service provides true high speed access to the Internet. This type of technology takes advantage of the same cable that delivers TV to your home and offers download speeds as high as eight megabytes per second, which is faster than any other type of residential Internet access. Just to give you an idea of how fast eight megabytes per second actually is, you can imagine dial up networking and multiply that by one hundred. It’s six times faster than the fastest DSL service and about four times faster than satellite Internet. It’s also cheaper than satellite Internet and doesn’t have annoying time lags that can be so crippling while trying to take part in multiplayer online video games.

In fact, the ability to take part in multiplayer online video games is one of the really attractive things about a high speed Internet connection. These games can take several forms from virtual worlds like Second Life that allow you to socialize with real people and conduct business with them in a virtual environment and World of WarCraft which is a fantasy based virtual reality. There’s also a virtual world that allows kids to socialize called Club Penguin. Comcast’s high speed Internet service provides plenty of bandwidth to allow your family to access these intriguing online resources.

Along with the actual access to the Internet, you also get an access to a number of features to make your online experience safer and more pleasurable. Comcast can supply you with a wireless router, antivirus software, a firewall, and access to lots of great family friendly online content. There are all features that can enhance your online experience.

Comcast started out offering cable TV, so it shouldn’t be surprising that cable TV is part of these bundled packages. What might surprise some people is how much they get in the form of cable TV programming. For example, all of Comcast’s channels now offered are delivered in digital TV format to provide the best picture and sound possible along with great Interactive features. The pure number of channels will also be a surprise to many people- the largest programming packages now offer more than two hundred and seventy five channels! All programming packages also come with an incredibly user friendly pay per view service called ON DEMAND, as well as access to all local channels and forty channels that provide a wide variety of digital music. Comcast also provides subscribers with the option of adding premium movie packages and a special video on demand service called Premiums On Demand.

The digital voice service from Comcast offers a huge advantage over the service that you can get from the local phone company. Namely, savings. That’s because the low flat monthly rate includes features like call waiting, as well as all of your domestic long distance calls. For great access and savings, you owe it to yourself to sign up with Comcast today!

Mitchell Crawford writes articles for consumers who want to find the latest technonoly news. He has written for many major publications about High Speed Internet and Digital Cable TV and how buyers can find the best deals. Let him show you how you can maximize your communications dollar without sacrificing quality and you’ll find out that Comcast is the cable service provider of the future for you.

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