How Do You Get Paid When You Make Money Online?

The idea of working over the Internet with a work from home business is one that many people are interested in. However, the whole payment method question confuses many and deters a lot of people from working from home online. The question of how you get paid when you make money online is a good one and it has quite a few answers. The good thing is that it is not hard to make money online and receive the money fairly quickly. You simply need to review the different payment options available to you and then decide what works best for you.


If you work in the same country as your clients then you may opt to receive checks for your online work. You may choose to be paid up front, after the work is completed, or half up front and half on delivery. There are many methods of how much you are paid and when and this is something you need to determine with your client. When you make money online and receive a check for the payment you will find you save money in the long run because there are no fees associated with cashing a check. However, the turnaround time is longer and this might not be your preferred method of payment.


Many people who make money online choose PayPal as their payment method. The reason why is because it is safe and secure and very fast. You can be paid and have immediate access to the money. This is excellent because you have immediate gratification, so to speak, and know that you have the money you earned. If you have a debit card through PayPal you can take the money out of your account or else you can transfer it to your bank account and that takes a few days. There are fees associated with PayPal, but it allows you to accept payments from clients worldwide and in different currencies. For many, PayPal is worth the fees for the convenience.

Moneygram/Western Union

Another option is to receive money through Moneygram or Western Union. Simply give your client your name and home country and they can send you money in this method. There are fees associated with this as well that you may have to pay or else split with your client. These methods are fast, too, but you will have to pick the money up at a Moneygram or Western Union location.

Bank Wire

You can always provide your banking information to your clients and receive the money you make online via a bank wire. This is slower than other methods and there are fees associated with it as well, but it is an option for you to receive the money you make online.

When it comes to making money online there are many options for receiving payment. Some are faster than others and some cost more than others, but the good news is that it is actually pretty easy to get paid for the work you do online. So, if you are interested in working over the Internet you simply need to figure out the method of payment that works best for you and then get started. It is really quite easy and you will find that when you make money online with any home based business opportunity you have no problems actually receiving it in hand!

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