Ways To Make Money Online

How in the world can a person make some good money online? This actually is the question that is being asked by many people. People just wonder if it’s really possible to make money online.
If you search in Google for things like “Make Money Online” or “Make me Rich” or “How to Get Rich Quickly”, then you will most probably see a bunch of sites where they claim to make you rich in no time.
Never trust such sites. No one can make you rich quickly, if they can; then why not make themselves rich? Why are they making others rich for just few dollars? Doesn’t this sound like a big ugly SCAM? I guess it does.
I suggest you avoid such scams and only look for ways to make money online which are 100% free and Legit. I will now explain few ways which will hopefully help you.
First of all, the easiest plus 100% free way to make money online is doing jobs at freelance sites. Freelance sites are the place where buyers from all around the world come and post different projects and service providers (Job Seekers) place bids on these projects. It’s free to earn money at most of freelance sites. There are few sites where you need to pay a small fee in order to start applying for jobs. I suggest you work only at the free freelancing sites. To find out more about freelancing sites, I suggest you read my older posts.
Secondly, you can start your own online business. I am not talking about a business where you need to sell and buy things. Actually nowadays, we can earn some really good money via building some simple websites. Yeah that’s right, you can build simple websites for example, make a blog at blogspot (Which is free) and add new content in your blog on regular bases. Start a blog on a topic of your interest so that you can later on add more content in it.
For example, if you love to play video games, then make a game review blog. Then put ads in your blog. There are many different advertisement companies on the internet. I personally use Adsense which I think is the best.
Starting a blog at blogspot is free but if possible, I suggest you buy your own domain and hosting. This will cost you only about $30 to $120, depending on which host you choose. Buying a cheap host will reduce the cost to $30/Year for both domain name and hosting but you will have different problems like your site will be offline because of server downtime, poor costumer support, fewer features in hosting plan etc.
I will write about some more online money making ideas in the next post.

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