Internet Advertising for the Beginner and Small Business

andwe need how to use it.

Equipment here is the tool to collect leads and start theresponse. A good autoresponder is a must, and of course,knowing how to set it up is like knowing how to bait yourhook.

Let¡¯s recap in this primer: The primary objective of anyadvertising is to capture and build a targeted name list.

When you have the name list, you can create multiple softsales campaigns with the contact it needs to lead to a saleaction.

You build the list by first doing targeted advertising whichdoes not sell anything but extends some kind of free offerthat offers the target market an item of true value andinterest in return for only requesting it; the requestrequires that they provide you with a name and email addressand at least an implied permission to respond to theirrequest.

If you have learned these three points, you are well onyour way to getting to the head of the pack.

Your follow up lessons simply now become technique andlearning where the tools are. Be careful as you select thetool, you select one from a source who has the credibilityin using it and you are not just “buying into” someone¡¯snew, but unproved idea. Various Internet searches will leadyou to the right sources.

Learn and prosper!

Author Joe Leech resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.where he has been involved in Internet Marketing for 8+ years. Recently accepted as a mentor under Stephan Duchrame, he shares the practices he has both learned and used over his eight years. will take the reader to a working example site as discussed in the article and provide additional resources for advanced study of the topic discussed (How To Get 1 Million visitors without paying a single dime)

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