How To Make Money With A Home Based Affiliate Business

To make money with a home-based affiliate business you will need to know the many types of business models you have to choose from. You basically can get paid making sales as an affiliate for merchants or by recruiting affiliates who make sales.

In this article we will talk about different ways that you can make money with affiliate marketing.

1. First of all little talk about pay per click. Google Adsense perfected this as an affiliate program and has allowed millions of small business owners to make money on the Internet for the first time. Although you may only make a few pennies or even a few dollars per click this is a great program to make money through volume.

2. Next we’ll talk about his pay per lead. Pay per lead programs are very simple in that you join an affiliate program and provide leads to various merchants that are in it. For example, Max bounty has paid survey programs that will pay you between the dollar and two dollars per lead. You can quickly earn several hundred dollars a month having customers fill out short forms.

3. Pay per sale is another way to make money with affiliate marketing. One example of this is Clickbank which is a large digital information provider. You get paid to sell ebooks which contain your Clickbank affiliate ID. You might earn 10 or $20 for every book you sell.

4. Two-tier affiliate programs are another way to make money. You recruit affiliate marketers and earn a commission for every product that they sell. There are people that earn a full-time living just because they’ve recruited go-getters on their second tier.

5. Residual income programs are a great way to make money with a home based affiliate business. You get paid again and again for making one sale. An example of this would be website hosting. As long as the hosting account that you sold is active you earn a commission every month for doing that. Membership sites are another excellent way to residual income because as long as the membership is active you are getting paid every month.

This is a quick overview on the different ways to make money as an affiliate marketer. Because everything you need to make money is already set up for you this is a great way to start. You get paid to make sales by driving traffic to a website.

Because of how competitive this industry is you will have to work hard and master skills, but once you’ve done that you will be able to make money with your own home based affiliate business.

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