Things to know about digital cameras

With no longer any need for film, digital cameras have started a whole new era for photography. Most of the mechanical parts of a traditional film camera are no longer necessary except for the optical zoom lens. A great advantage over the older film system is how easily the images can be stored using a computer or other mass storage device. Captured images are stored as bytes or binary information; ones and zeros to most people and are referred to as pixels.

Focusing light through a lens onto a suitable receptive surface is still common to both types of camera. Instead of film the digital camera captures the light with the aid of a system which records the light rays digitally. Up market versions us a different system again with a charged couple device, or CCD, being the capture system which transfers the light into an electrical signal. The less expensive capture system called CMOS is generally in lower end cameras and probably won’t replace the more expensive CCD although it does an admirable job.

You may have noticed the price of some models has dropped, making them much more affordable to many people; the CMOS image capture device is the reason for this. It would take an experienced digital camera enthusiast to see the difference between an images captured with a CMOS against the superior CCD system. When shopping for a camera of this type, you should take note of certain key features. Image quality is important or it will be waste of time taking them so look for the highest megapixel model within your price range; you may find a model that is being superseded shortly – available at a discount.

Unless your budget just won’t stretch that far, don’t buy a digital camera with only a digital zoom or you will find pictures that aren’t very clear when you print them; optical zooms can produce some interesting effects. Rechargeable batteries are the best you can use with the NMIH versions able to be charged at anytime, even if they are not fully discharged; this will save money on batteries that are disposable. Although most are supplied with a number of photo functions, try for as many as you can because you will appreciate the effects that can be achieved; below are just a few examples:

Picture frame effects
Web cam function
Negative image

You will also need something to store the captured images on especially with the high megapixel models available today. Digital storage has come down in price so buying gigabyte card will no longer require a loan but you shouldn’t think of having anything less than this.

Unless you intend to use your camera for serious photography there isn’t any need for a bulky very high specification version. These smaller models are very discreet and don’t make you feel as if you are on a photographic safari but you can still take professional looking pictures. Hopefully, these few tips will be enough to steer you in the right direction when you come to buy your camera. With their range of features and ease of use, digital cameras are the future of still image photography.

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