Get The Top Spot In Ppc Advertising By Writing Higher Conversion Ads Title

Here is how it works.

As the name suggests, you do not pay just by displaying your ads. You pay only when somebody clicks on your ad. But the actual PPC system is a little more complicated than that. To catch your ads displayed, you have to enter your bids. In other words, you are really using a bidding system to catch your ads displayed.

One would expect the highest bidder to catch the top spot. Inopportunely, that is not true in Google’s PPC advertising program. The reason is that Google is not just concerned about ad prices. They are also concerned about ad relevancy. Google believes that they will create a positive experience for web users when they display relevant ads. For scenario, if you search for “pencils”, ads related to pencils will be displayed alongside the search results. Imagine what would happen if the top ads have nothing to do with the search phrase. Web visitors will soon stop clicking on ads and may even find them to be a nuisance.

To reward advertisers who pay attention to ad relevancy, Google has come up with their own score card. An ad is measured by a single number known as the quality score. If you have a high quality score, you can bid low and still catch top spots. If you have a low quality score, the opposite happens. You end up paying a lot more just to catch the ad displayed. In most cases, it wouldn’t make economic sense to continue advertising when the quality scores are low simply because the cost per click will be too high.

So wouldn’t it pay to figure out how to catch a high quality score? Of course it would. Inopportunely, that is easier said than done. Google doesn’t come out and explain explicitly what needs to be done to catch a higher quality score. The giant search Company simply provides a little guidelines, and the advertisers have to guess what they have to do in order to catch higher quality scores. Those who figured it out end up making a fortune. Those who couldn’t eventually gave up on PPC advertising.

Here is a quick tip on how to catch the top spot in Google’s PPC program. Since Google relies heavily on their conversion data to issue quality scores, it makes sense to learn how to write eye catching ad titles that will catch you more clicks.

Remember, Google is concerned about relevancy. So if your ad gets a good click by using rate, that is an clue that your ad is highly relevant to the web user. Here is how.

1) Use a special discount. The discount should be substantial.

2) Use keyword phrase in the ad title. They will be bold and will attract more clicks.

3) Use action words like “download” or “buy” to catch more clicks.

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