Backyard Playtime: Getting The Perfect Swingset

One of the best ways to get your kids out of the house (and make yourself a hero in there eyes) is to buy or build a swingset and play area in your own backyard. These play areas range from a simple set of swings and a slide, to a fully interactive play station comparable with what you would find at a city park. The prices have the same range, ensuring there is a product out there for just about everyone. We will take a look at a few of these offerings that may be perfect for your family.

Tacoma II Gym Play Center and Swing Set

Retailing for about $300, the Tacoma II offers two playground style swings, a wave slide, monkey bars, and ladders. The set also comes with a 12 year warranty, ensuring the mini-playground will outlast your children’s interest. This is a good swingset for those on a budget, and comes with plenty of positive user reviews. There is a lookout tower included as well, perfect for a child to get a good look at the surrounding landscape as they envision themselves at the helm of a pirate ship, or the guard in the turret of a medieval castle.

Durango Gym Play Center & Swing Set

Retailing for about $400, the Durango Play Center is the next step up in quality backyard play. It offers not only the same two playground style swings as the Tacoma, but also comes with a two person glider, a slide, monkey bars, ladders, and a lookout tower even larger than the one offered by the Tacoma. There is also a 45″ by 45″ canopied play deck, and the front ladder can also be used as a makeshift rock climbing wall, complete with hand holds.

Gorilla Playsets Congo Climber Redwood II Swing Set

The Redwood II is one of the grandaddy’s of retail swingsets. It is for the more moderately budgeted parent, retailing for about $1400. It boasts a total of ten full featured play areas, including a swing beam, a primary fort area, a deck that rises five feet in the air, and a ten foot slide. A tire swing, a rope ladder, and a built in picnic area add to the exciting features of this deluxe swingset. Perhaps not for the smaller child (or the money-conscious parent), the Redwood II is just one more example of how far you can go to make your backyard a children’s paradise. You can find more information about swing set and playground at

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