Can You Make Big Money Without Spending A Penny?

I had a brief coaching session with one of my subscribers, and he wanted to become the next internet home based millionaire in two years time. I mean he was very passionate and I can tell by the way he wrote to me on the instant messenger that he truly desired to make big money, IMMEDIATELY.

There was just one MAJOR problem. He wanted to accomplish this by investing ZERO to get his business exposed! He complained that we wanted to make a lot of money fast without investing a dime to get his business exposed.

He wanted to make the initial payment to get started in the business, and thats all he wanted to do! After the initial payment, he wanted to sit on his Lazy-Boy recliner and watch the money just magically fall from the sky into his lap. And I would not be surprised if he wanted someone else to grab his money and deposit it in his bank account also!

Do you start to see the problem here? Just because you are doing business on the internet does not mean that it is going to be free if you want significant returns! Although some people get lucky doing free advertisements and promotions on the internet it will take a lot more time and a lot more work and usually

For example, a lot of ML.M insists on strictly face to face prospecting because they reason that it can be duplicated, and that people don’t want to spend money on advertising. The problem is, the distributor is exposing their message to one person at a time.

This is the reason why 99% fail! They want to be cheap about building their business and thus get results (if any) at a MUCH MUCH slower pace! Ask any home business owner that failed, most of the time they will say that they spent some money on a newspaper advertisement and gotten no results, and therefore home business X or home business Y does not work.

The sad reality is that too many home business owners do not put in the required effort or take any risks. You will have a much greater chance of making tons of money by treating your home business like a real business, even though a home business is considered very inexpensive compared to traditional business. And that means spending the necessary funds to expose it to as much TARGETING people as possible!

Remember the saying that it takes money to make money? Well, it is absolutely true with a work at home business. If you want success much more quickly, be willing to take some risk like a real business owner and spend some money to get your business exposed!

Alan Quan used to be a “cheap” business owner, expecting GREAT results with zero effort and investment. Unfortunately he realized that he wasted a year trying to make big money without using his money for advertising and promotion. When he finally realized that it takes money to make money, his bank account dramatically increased. Visit his website at and find out how you can create $7617 PER DAY on the internet.

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