Should the Yellow Pages Be a Source of Advertising for Your Business?

The Yellow Pages can be a very valuable source of advertising for your business, but not all businesses can benefit from this advertising venue. Before you decide to pay for that advertisement, make sure it fits your business.

First, you need to understand the reader of this global publication. Who is the individual who goes to this book when they need a phone number? It is typically someone who does not have instant access to the Internet, needs a number right now, and is somewhere that has a book. It is also someone who is literate. If your business would appeal to this demographic, then consider putting in an ad. If not, then you might want to look elsewhere.

The good news for businesses that are considering this advertising venue is that advertising with the Yellow Pages does not limit you to print media any more. People with access to the internet on their phones and other handheld devices, or even those who find it easier to Google the business they need than flip through a book will still use this venue, because it is now available online. If you do decide to advertise in this way, make sure that you have both print and online listing.

Next, consider your business and others like it that will also have listings. Can you make yours stand out from the rest and stay within your advertising budget? For instance, if you are offering cleaning services, can you make your ad jump off the page and stand out from the myriad of other cleaners is your area? Do you offer something that the competition does not, such as perhaps emergency cleaning service? If you do, then this can be a great venue for you to get the word out about your business.

Another consideration to make is your budget. If you cannot afford a Yellow Pages advertisement, you are not necessarily shooting yourself in the foot. It is a very valuable advertising venue, but it is not the only one, and there may be something more affordable out there for your consideration.

If you do decide to use the Yellow Pages as one of your advertising venues, plan your ad carefully. Make sure that it shows how you stand out from the crowd and is truthful. Consider posting a discount for those who mention the ad. This can draw in customers who may be considering you against a competitor who does not offer such a discount.

Keep in mind that you do not have to have a huge, flashy ad in the Yellow Pages for it to be successful. It needs to be large enough to stand out, but it does not have to take half the page. Stay within your budget, but be creative to make sure your ad gets noticed. If this is the right venue for you, you will likely find it to be a very lucrative one. You just need to make sure it is the right one first!

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