Satellite Television With Parental Controls From DirecTV

offers, what is considered, some of the most lucrative deals in satellite
television available on the global satellite television market today.  DirecTV offers a wide variety of programming
packages that come in varying sizes of both channels and price tags.  However, no matter how big the channel
package is, you can be sure that you are always getting a great value.  This is because, DirecTV offers so much for
free just to begin with.  For instance,
DirecTV offers a free start up, free satellite gear (from the necessities like
the satellite dish to luxuries such as TiVo and DVR), as well as a free
installation of the satellite gear.  With
such a wide variety of programming packages to choose from you can be sure you
will find the one that suits you best in both entertainment style and

            DirecTV is
also well known for their awesome parental control features.  In the past, there have been very few options
for protecting your children from running into gratuitous sexual or violent
content when they are surfing through the channels.  Of course, when the parent is available to
watch television over the child’s shoulder, it is easy for the parent to tell
the child what he or she can or cannot watch. 
However, in today’s society, as we all know, the ability of a parent to
always be around when their child is watching television not only limited but
actually seems ridiculous.  Most families
today either have only one parent in the household or have two parents who both
work full time jobs.  As everyone knows,
children have a natural curiosity towards things that they know they should
probably avoid.  This, of course, is not
to say that all children have a tendency to do bad things, but instead to say
that most children are very curious and that sometimes that curiosity can
override their better judgment.  One
problem to add to this is the fact that most children do not understand why
they are not allowed to see certain things on television and that becomes even
more obscured in their minds when they realize that their parents watch
programs and movies that the child is not supposed to see.  All of these things point to a necessity for
parental controls on television. 
However, in the past there have been few functional offerings in this
field.  For instance, although cable has
the television rating system (such as TV-14 and TV-Ma) to indicate what shows
children should avoid, studies have shown that this system is counterproductive
by simply indicating to children what shows have the content that they are
curious about seeing.  DirecTV has a
solution to most of these problems however. 
DirecTV’s parental controls feature allows you, the television viewing
parent, to actually block out channels either at certain times of the day or
entirely.  This way your children will be
unable to even access channels that are known for content and if new threats
arise you can add new channels to block at any time.  These settings can be changed with your remote
control but can only be accessed by your personal password.  This way, you don’t have to worry about your
technologically adept children getting into your settings and changing them
while you are away from the house.


Written by David Johnson. Find more information on cable and satellite
as well as directv

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