Advertising on a Limited Budget

As the economic climate tightens more companies are looking for advertising strategies that wont break the bank. The weakened economy is making companies fight harder for customers and with that many people think that they need to spend more money on advertising. This is just not the case. There are millions of incredible ideas that you can use to promote your business, without having to spend much money at all.

Here are some ideas to help advertise your business that will not have a significant financial impact.

1.STIMULATE REFERRALS ” Studies show that some of the best businesses are built almost entirely on referrals. This is because customers that are referred are usually those who actually have a need for your services and have been sent to you from someone they trust who spoke highly of your business. Getting customers to refer others usually just takes a little prompting or offering a promotional gift for the referral, but these are dollars well spent to get a strong, long lasting customer base.

2. Promotional gifts serve many purposes. Providing promotional gifts to your customers is a way of thanking them for their business. This makes your existing customers feel appreciated, and more likely to continue to use your business. Promotional gifts also advertise your company, since they will have the business name or logo on them. Every time your customer uses the promotional gift they will be advertising your business, which will help your company reach new potential customers. Promotional gifts are often inexpensive, they help strengthen the relationship with your existing customers, and they provide advertising for your company whenever they are used.

3. You do not need an elaborate marketing campaign, but you should advertise everywhere you can. You can hang fliers in your community, put an ad in the local phone book, go from business to business handing out fliers, business cards, catalogs, or any other literature you have for your organization. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a major advertising campaign, or designing new advertising materials, take what you have, or you can print for the lowest cost possible and saturate your local community with as much advertising as possible. This should not be a major expense, and can result in new customers business.

The best promotional giveaways last a long time, that is why a calendar with your company info is so popular. An item that people will use regularly is good to use, such as colorful promotional travel mugs.

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