Why You Can't Make Money Online

They are calling it Web 2.0. But guess what? The rules of making money on the internet have not changed.

Have you tried and failed to make money online?

If so, this article will explain to you, in detail, why you cannot seem to get to profitability in online money making.

There are 3 pretty hard and fast rules in this game:

1) People usually do not buy the very first time they see an offer

2) Pay per click DOES work

3) Without a mailing list – you are doomed to failure

Let’s look at the firs rule first. People usually don’t buy something the very first time they see it. While some do, there are not enough that do to risk a pay per click campaign on it.

There are many online products that tell you to buy pay per click ads and send people to their site. You are supposed to send them through your affiliate link so you will get credt and get paid for the sale.

Does this work? Yes. You will get sales.

Will you make money? Usually – No.

The problem is what the rule says: people don’t buy the first time they see an offer. They need to see the offer over and over again and then they will buy.

If you are just taking a one shot approach, you are doomed to failure. See rule #3 for insight on this.

With that being said, Pay per click Advertising DOES work. But it only works for what it is actually designed to do – capture leads.

If you try to use it to present an offer to a prospect, they will usually not buy. It’s a one time thing. They may click on your ad multiple times and THEN buy – but they almost never buy the first time.

If, on the other hand, you use pay per click to capture a lead by offering the prospect something free in exchange for their name and email address – then – pay per click almost always works. This assumes that you actually have a product that solves a problem that the prospect is having.

So – if you understand the importance of capturing leads and building a list to mail to – you have this online marketing thing figured out.

A list of prospects interested in what you have to offer is what online marketing is all about. You build this list over time by offering free products and free information that the prospect wants and craves.

Later, you can email your offer to the prospect over and over again so that they can see your offer time and time again. This can result in conversions as high as 10%. You WILL make money at this kind of conversion rate.

Give it a shot and prove me wrong – make money online!

Mike Carraway has been selling products online for the last 10 years. He also has written hundreds of articles and books on online marketing. you can see the progress of one of his students at http://www.myincomestory.com/income.php?id=cant You can also get one of his free books here: http://www.myincomestory.com/landing

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