Two Super-Smart Tips for Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

All over the television, radio, and billboards insurance companies are
screaming at you that they are the cheapest and to call them for a
quote. But certainly it is impossible for every insurance company to be
cheap, so how do you filter them? It’s easy enough to find insurance
companies to talk to, but you need to know some basics before you start
searching for a cheap auto insurance quote.

1.    Understand the purpose of car insurance.

people think they just have to worry about collision and that’s it.
There is a lot more to it. You have to decide if your car is even worth
the money to insure it. Older model cars that have no loan and have very
little retail value will not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars
every policy term to insure.

The bigger reason for car insurance
is to protect you financially if you are responsible for injuries and
damage in an accident. This is where people cheat themselves out of
coverage thinking they are saving big bucks. If you get a cheap auto
insurance quote with $25,000 worth of Bodily Injury Liability, check the
price with $50,000. You might be shocked to learn there is not a big
difference in price.

For people who have prior coverage without
any gaps of liability insurance and a decent driving record, increasing
your BI limits every year will actually make you a safer risk and your
quotes will reduce as a result.

2.    Understand how you are charged for tickets and accidents.

you understand how and for how long you are “dinged” for hits on your
driver’s history, it will make shopping for a cheap auto insurance quote
worth your time if you search at the right time. For minor moving
violations, the insurance rate will be affected for three years. For
major moving violations, you will be charged for three to five years
depending on the insurance company.

If you have an at-fault
accident, one-car accident, hit a pedestrian or cyclist, or any other
accidents charged against you, it will affect you up to five years. Your
biggest surcharge will be in the first three years. However, most
insurance companies will not give you an accident free discount until
you have been without claims for five years.

In some states, your
insurance goes up for ANY claim, even if it isn’t your fault, like a
Comprehensive claim. It may not charge as much as an at-fault, but it
will still affect rate, and even sometimes eligibility.

Be smart
about when you quote. If you have an accident falling off in two months
and a ticket falling off in three months, wait for three months to end
and get a better rate. Paying attention to these times will net you a
cheap auto insurance quote, no doubt.

Now you know the
nitty-gritty of what it takes to get a cheap auto insurance quote
accurately, take the time to find out your exact driving history, the
value of your car, and customize your quotes so you maximize your
protection without sacrificing your finances.

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