Dream Of Interdependent Society

Some people state that the world today is becoming a global village. The world has been growing into a global village for years. It just so happens that todays society is closely connected by telephones, radios, newspapers, computers, and the ultimate of connections the Internet. The world today is becoming a global village. Todays society is not a full united global village, but the communication of today is helping to build a stronger village. As technology becomes increasing more advanced, society will be more of a united village. In order to become a total global village society must be more compliant with each other and willing to work together. All over the world people are communicating through a multi facet of technology, but one of the most common technological advancement of todays society is the Internet. Todays Internet is helping society become a village by using My-space, e-mailing, instant messaging, you-tube, blogs and many other WebPages on the Internet. People who use the Internet feel that they have more freedom to state their opinions. By using the Internet a person can talk to someone globally, but feel as if they are right in front of him or her. This has become the norm in society of today. People no longer have to write a long letter and send it through the mail, they can write a note and click send and it will get to their friend or relative in seconds. This has brought our world closer by better communication. Although people also have said that technology is pulling the world farther apart.

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