Find properties below market value on Wisconsin foreclosure listings!

We all have seen the television shows and read the rags to riches stories about “flipping” houses.  Many expert “flippers” begin their search for house bargains by using a Wisconsin foreclosure listing service.  Wisconsin foreclosure listings can be found on the internet, in the newspapers and by contacting local lenders and getting on their mailing list.  Using the internet is usually the quickest, easiest and most up to date way to get a current foreclosure listing, and is generally the way to go.

Once you have used your foreclosure listing service, go out and research the property, view it and have independent appraisals and inspections done before purchasing.  The homes which need the most work are the ones that offer the lowest prices.  If you are a new to flipping houses, be careful when assessing the cost to repair the house.  Some properties will need only cosmetic changes such as paint and carpeting.  Others will require more intensive labor and more expensive materials.  It is important to know upfront the costs associated with making the property not only liveable, but sellable.

The next step is to get qualified for a loan from which the funds will be used to acquire the house.  If the house needs extensive renovations, you will need an additional source of funding to cover these costs.  Diligently research what the repairs will cost and what profit you should realize from performing the work involved.  Be realistic not only with your figures, but with the time it takes to complete the job.  Anticipate some setbacks, and be prepared to stretch your budget.  A house cannot be flipped if you run out of money or time to capitalize on utilizing all your resources, regardless if they are financial or manpower.

Negotiate in good faith with the lender.  Be prepared with all funds, paperwork and contingencies.  Be confident in your research in the surrounding area, the cost to bring the property to industry standards and all zoning and permit regulations.  Be sure to add the cost to sell, these costs may include a realtor commission, signage and costs to advertise.

Flipping houses has become quite popular and lucrative for the handyman who is successful at crunching numbers and creating an environment pleasing to would-be homewoners.  The most difficult obstacle is to find the perfect property, and that obstacle can be eliminated by searching Wisconsin foreclosure listings.

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