The Tango between Formal and Casual Advertising

Why is it that casual and personal advertising is so much
more attractive than formal marketing? It seems that casual marketing is so
much popular because when you use it in your ads you are most likely to have a
good relationship with your clients and associates.


Good rapport is what you would want to have with your
prospective customers. And you can have that by making sure that you have a
two-way communication between you and your clients. When you keep the lines of
communication open, you are building not only a warm and caring bond, but most
importantly, you create a strong connection.


But sometimes, the trouble with focusing too much on being more
casual with your marketing efforts is that you forget the importance of
professionalism in your ads. This is when your promotional campaign becomes
awkward and plain for your target clients’ tastes.


All things considered, you need to have an effective ad
campaign for your business. And having it casual without disregarding the
professional side of your marketing ad such as your custom greeting cards to
help you promote your business can go a long way in ensuring that you achieve
the goals you have set for yourself.


There is a balance that you have to maintain between formal
and professional with that of casual advertising. Certain mistakes may be made
that could get in the way of maintaining that balance between the casual and
professional marketing. If you want your ads such as your custom greeting cards
to work for you, there are certain rules that you should follow:


When creating your ads, one of the first things you need to
consider is the time and season that you’re going to send them. Your greetings
depend on the occasion. A good wish for the New Year is certainly over so you
may not be able to use that, as well as that of Christmas. If you have not been
able to send greeting cards last year, you might want to try them out this
season, using the different events being celebrated on the first quarter of the
new year of course.


Second, sending greeting cards can be your way of telling
your target audience that you appreciate them and their loyalty – enough to
remember to wish them good tidings whatever the occasion. You might want to try
a handwritten note in your cards to encourage approval. And if you do not write
your greetings yourself, you can always sign it at the end. A handwritten
signature convinces your target clients of your sincerity of making your
relationship with your target clients’ work.


Third, when creating your cards, be sure to have an updated
database. Never create an opportunity for your target clients to feel
unappreciated just because you have not bothered to correct a misspelled name
or looked for a misplaced surname.


The bottom line is to make sure that your ads lean towards a
more casual campaign, and still be professional about it. If you could find the
balance between these two factors, you can almost be guaranteed of a successful
marketing campaign in your possession.

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