?3 Tips to Monetize Money Magnet Websites?

Do you run a Money Magnet model on your Internet business website?  If not, you should because the Money Magnet model helps to maximize your profits.  The Money Magnet Model is a combination of the active and passive business models.  You sell a product actively and also earn money from passive methods such as Google AdSense.

Money Magnet Model Tip #1:  The secret to building a quality subscriber list is to NOT blatantly ask people to opt-in or subscribe to your website.  Instead, you need a less obtrusive approach.  This can be achieved by modifying the wording you use.  The key is to begin by offering a snippet of free content.  This tempts the website visitor into wanting to read more.  Then you ask the website visitor to “Register” on your website to view more content.  This is called the “reverse opt-in” process. 

The reverse opt-in process has proven to significantly increase the opt-in rate.  People are more inclined to sign up for your list because they want to read more information and they feel like it is a “membership” type website.

Money Magnet Model Tip #2:  Regular pop-up message should be ditched.  It has been tested and proven that “spinning” pop-ups are the most effective.  Spinning pop-ups are part of the content page and not in a new window.  Spinning pop-ups are basically layers of HTML.  Therefore, they seamlessly blend into the content on the website.  This causes more website visitors to read and interact with them.

Money Magnet Model Tip #3:  Content is king.  Spread your content far and wide.  Always put free content in your Autoresponder.  Remember, Autoresponder emails should always be in plain text.  If you send an HTML email message it will most likely get stuck in SPAM email prison.

Next take your plain text emails and articles and turn them into individual content pages that you can post on your business website.  You can convert each email and article into its own HTML page and post it.  This enables you to reuse content.  Don’t worry about repeated content.  Most subscribers will not notice that you have the same or similar information in the email messages and on the website.

Breaking the articles into their own individual HTML pages is called the Forced Content Consumption method.  This enables you to send links to the articles through emails in your Autoresponder.  Why would you do this?  Think of it this way.  Most people do not read every article on a website in one sitting because their can be hundreds of articles.  If you send a link to each article in separate emails then it enables the subscriber to read all the articles at one time or another.

Matt Bacak began investing his first earnings at the tender age of 12, a young businessman in the making. Now, 15 years later, Bacak survived failed businesses, botched partnerships, heavy credit card debt and bankruptcy – all in preparation for the accomplishments he has achieved today as a well-established Internet millionaire and best-selling author.

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