Adsense – How To Get The Most From Google Adsense

The first thing you want to do is try to focus on a niche for your entire web site, including your Google ads. This will allow you to have much more success from your target market. People are coming to your site expecting to find a specific niche. If you have Google ads on cars and you have a garden web site, not many people are going to click on the ads.

Speaking of traffic, you have to do whatever it takes to generate traffic to your site. And as mentioned, you want to find a target market to come to your site. The more targeted the traffic is, the better chance you have of visitors clicking on your ads and staying on your site long enough to make a purchase.

To many people’s surprise, design and placement play a big role in what kind of success you have with Google Adsense. To start with, you want to place your ads above the fold on your home page. What this means is place the ads high enough up the page so that people do not have to scroll down to see the ads. You will have a much better chance of getting clicks.

Next, try to eliminate as much clutter on your site as possible. By having a great deal of graphics and flashing banners you are taking away the focus from your ads and content. This is not to say you should have no graphics whatsoever, but make it easy for visitors to find things on your site.

Lastly, try to blend the ads with the background of your site. This secret many people know but simply forget to do. It has been proven that you will receive more clicks on an ad if it looks like your web site as far as the font and color of links go. It will make it look much less like an ad.

Google Adsense is still a great way to make some money and can certainly help you get traffic and return customers. By applying the tips listed in this article to your ads you have a good chance of having success.

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