How to use guerrilla marketing to sell affiliate products

What is guerrilla marketing? Guerrilla marketing is selling your products through non conventional methods on a very tight budget. It focuses on time, energy and imagination rather than a endless marketing budget.When anyone mentions internet marketing the common tendency is to focus on the big search engines and pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords. These methods are great if you have the cash to invest and the experience. But what if you are just starting out selling affiliate products. You cannot afford to start throwing money at Google to get instant traffic from sponsored links, it is too higher risk. This is where guerrilla marketing comes in.If you are going to succeed with guerrilla marketing you need to forget about the conventional marketing psychology. Focus on time and energy rather than spending your cash. Most guerrilla marketing tactics are free, your major investment is time.You need to think about building trust with your customers and maximizing sales from existing customers and referrals rather than just trying to get new customers. It is much easier to sell a new product to an existing customer as opposed to going out trying to find new customers. You have already built up the trust between you and your existing customers, use this to your advantage.With guerrilla marketing you need to measure your business and your success by looking at  your profit not your sales. If you blow $1000 with Google Adwords and make 12 sales each at $100, you will have $200 profit. Using guerrilla marketing tactics you could sell only 3 products at $100 and you will have made more profit. That is 75% less sales to make 50% more profit. I know this sounds simple but most businesses overlook this powerful resource.How can you use guerrilla marketing to sell affiliate products? In the internet world guerrilla marketing is everywhere, you will have seen it, you may have purchased products advertised in this way and never realized it.Most common methods of guerrilla marketing are things that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Such as posting comments on relevant forums and blogs that include a link to your webpage. Creating videos and leaving comments on other peoples videos on sites such as YouTube. Social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.Take forums and blogs for example, you can find people who have a problem or a itch they need to scratch. If your product fixes their problem you can recommend it to them. However you have to take care with this, you cannot simply spam the forums with comments saying buy my product. There has to be something in it for them, you can offer a free bonus such as a ebook or a report. You need to add value, something to entice them in.The key behind guerrilla marketing is to get low amounts of highly targeted traffic. 100 visitors who are interested in your product are better than 2000 non targeted visitors where  90% of them leave straight away.Start thinking guerrilla marketing right now, look around the web see if you can spot it in action.I wish you the best of success

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