Aerial Advertising ? An Evergreen Marketing Tool

Consider this astounding statistic – In the past two decades, America’s corporate firms have spent billions in advertising during games and other sporting events. When it comes to advertising during sports, there is never any recession that matters! The lesson to be learnt is that marketing works but it depends on how you do it.

The key is to choose the most effective way to highlight your product or service. Aerial advertising is reported to help make an impression that lasts a lot longer as compared to other advertising campaigns and for a lot less money! Aerial advertising, also called airplane advertising, involves an airplane taking to the skies over a targeted area carrying aerial banners or billboards which are clearly visible to everyone below.

There are many companies that prefer to advertise through aerial banners daily whereas others go on for some ‘airtime’ on weekends so that more and more people are covered. The places generally targeted for airplane advertising include crowded beaches, theme parks, exhibition grounds, carnivals and festivals. Aerial advertising claims that no human being can resist the enthusiasm to look up in the sky whenever there an airplane goes roaring by. In addition, when an airplane is moving with aerial banners, it attracts more people and they try to read and understand what is being towed.

Aerial banners can have anything in them; right from the company’s logo to company’s slogan and from company’s product to just some colorful letters that spell out a message.

Airplane advertising has many benefits; for instance, such airplanes are being caught or attract the attention of TV cameras that again multiplies the targeted field. It then becomes a more memorable form of advertising since it has been noticed by hundreds of thousands of people at a time.

The messages conveyed through such campaigns are called aerial messages. Another good thing about airplane advertising is that the airplane is made to fly over areas where people are at
their leisure and in a good mood (as on the beaches). This way, airplane advertising becomes more effective and fruitful.
Flying a huge banner can produce millions of quality impressions and can turn innumerable viewers into potential future customers. With such an effective marketing campaign, the business can boom and enjoy a skyrocketing success.

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