Make money; sell resell rights e-books. Part 1

just good enough to index the website on the first page of the major search engines, as potential buyers is directed to you unique website, they will not buy your product unless your unique website contains a compelling reason to buy – compelling sales copy on the websites landing page, which will force the potential buyer to buy your product writing a compelling sales copy, is an exacting skill, and takes time to master; requiring only one skill of many.

I started my Internet presence by reversing the traditional process of creating an Internet business without investing any money initially. That way I reduced the financial risks to zero, but increasing the workload tremendously, as the mastery of the basic skills was my ultimate responsibility.

I secured a business plan, which was simple and required no initial funding and set about putting the business plan into action. The main emphasise to the business plan was to attempt to earn money while I was learning the fundamentals of mastering the basic techniques of website development, SEO, website advertising, promoting and marketing, which hopefully lead to a successful and profitable Internet business.

My initial priority was being to research the most relevant high quality ebooks, which was available on the Internet. Finding relevant ebooks may seem to be a simple task, but unfortunately, the main problem with purchasing any type of digital products, is that the buyer don’t have an opportunity to check the quality or content, of the product prior to purchase and because selling e-books is a billion dollar industry, the initiated downloadable software website owners can easily sell ebooks that can be found freely on the Internet for no cost, and sold as high quality.

Whenever you buy a digital product –in this case an ebook, on the Internet, ensure you have a commitment to return the item if not satisfactory and relevant to the subject. There is high quality and well established downloadable software websites on the Internet, which not only sell the highest quality ebooks, but offer up to a ninety days full money back guarantee, so if not fully satisfied with the downloadable product, then a request will return the value of the sale, without a reason.

Once I selected a high quality ebook website, I invested in numerous high quality ebooks, and read, understood and followed the information, at times re-reading the same information many times, so the information was ingrained. I also researched tutorials, in ebook format concerning using programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage or other relevant software, which would assist in creating unique websites from free or cheap website templates.

I studied the information for about six months before deciding to build a downloadable website from a choice of thousands of website templates, I purchased cheap website templates CD off eBay for a few dollars. The reason for the extended delay in implementing the first part of the business plan, was integrating in with other commitments for my time.

The process of building a unique website from a cheap template, I found quite straight forward, understanding the complexities of the website design program, was not difficult and used the information products as reference materials. While creating the unique downloadable website –buy e-books with full resell rights to used in this initial project, it’s important to include high quality and unique content, with relevant keywords embedded in the content.

Research must be conducted on relevant keywords prior to starting the initial project, as the keywords must represent the potential product buyers search queries. It is easy to check the competitors relevant – relevant to your product, keywords and at most select about two relevant keywords per webpage; it makes the task of creating a unique downloadable website simplistically, by using one keyword per webpage, and then embedding this one relevant keyword about three or four times in the rich and unique website content on one webpage only.

Remember create the content for potential buyers, and not for indexing in the search engines, as creating a unique website with rich and relevant content, the search engines will definitely index the website. The major problem with creating website content for the search engines, is the potential buyer, will consider the content disjointed and uninteresting, and is likely to click away from your website within seconds of landing.

The websites rich and unique content must be compelling to the potential buyer, and entice the buyer to buy your product, the buyer will not be interested in buying you product, if the WebPages content is only written to influence the search engines. If you are not a natural sales copy writer, then it will be necessary to research and study through e-books, the techniques involved in creating compelling sales copies. This way the financial commitment will be minimal

There are some excellent high quality e-books, which is more than capable of teaching the average person the techniques, involved in writing compelling sales copy WebPages. These high quality e-books are written by some of the Internet’s foremost experts, and written in an informative and simplistic method. But only buy from a trusted and long established instant downloadable software Internet store, and re-buy from the same store you trust.

The part of the business plan that I have neglected to reveal, until know, is what instant downloadable software do you sell on the website? Easy, when you buy downloadable software from high quality software website, the full resell rights is always included with the purchase. With full resell rights you are in possession of a valid full resell rights license, to re-sell the software, even after using the software on your project and still using to creating the second successful business, even when your selling the software.

In essence, you have tried and tested the e-books and you are responsible for creating a successful unique downloadable website from a free or cheap website template, so you are in possession of the now, free software products, to sell by the very fact of owning the full resell rights license. With regards to what

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