Widening your Advertising Horizon with an Airplane Message

One of the best ways to get your message across a big but targeted crowd is through an airplane message. Aerial advertising has been around for a long time, and it’s surprising how it retains its new and refreshing aura. Unlike television, radio, online, and print advertising, aerial advertising remains one of the most un-crowded and most often overlooked mediums of marketing.   

Aerial advertising comes in three basic variations: banners, logos, and sometimes even sky typing. Although there are few companies today that offer sky typing, towing banners and logos or both are the most popular types of aerial advertising.

People fly airplane messages for a variety of reasons. One  popular use of an airplane message is not even advertising products and services per se. Many people use the aerial advertising service to catch voters’ attentions. That right, one of the most basic uses of aerial advertising involves political campaigns.

Politicians can choose to either display their logos, faces, and slogans a white clothed banner with a solid background. Sometimes, the make use of this, plus a trailing of their political slogan using a “letter banner”, a transparent strip of paper, mostly, with computer generated letters linked to each other.

While advertising via airplane message is relatively simple compared to, say, the skit of a radio play, or the cinematic effects of television advertising, airplane messaging doesn’t fail to mesmerize crowds. Airplane banners have been around for ages, but they never seem to fail to trigger reaction from people.

After all, how can you possibly ignore a small and loud buzzing plane flying 500 ft or 1000 ft above you? You have no choice but to look, and once you look up, there’s nothing else for you to do but to look at the message trailing behind the airplane’s tail.

Figures have it that in a crowd, at least 88% will remember an airplane message flying by one way or another. At least 79% of the crowd will remember the product being advertised by the banner, and at least 67% will even retain the latter half of the banner’s slogan.

In marketing terms, this is translates to “highly effective” advertising, considering people’s growing ability to tune out useless information nowadays.

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