How To Raise Operating Capital

There are a lot of marketers eager to make money online,
but lack the necessary money to get started.

If you fit in that category, you’re probably sitting on
funding for your new business and don’t even know it.

When I started online, I had no intention of starting
a business. I just wanted to clean up some of the junk
I had laying around.

I started by placing a few used books on Ebay. I set a
price 1/2 of retail and hoped for the best.

The books began selling right away. I was making $5 to
$10 a pop and from that experience decided to expand
to the newsgroups.

I hit all the groups for book sellers and the book
wanted groups. Next I went to some of the stock and
investment groups and listed some of the trading
books I had laying around.

Investment books are extremely high priced and I was
getting up to $75 for books and tapes.

Not bad for used books laying in my closet.

That was going so well, I decided to visit the local
newsgroups for Phila. and PA.

I listed old furniture, tv’s and a ton of beer signs.

The beer signs were a perfect product, because I got
them free from the beer distributors and they sold
like hot cakes.

I’d get college students with money to burn coming by
and snapping up two and three at a time.

Eventually I even listed a used car I had in my drive –
way. The transmission was shot and I never thought
anyone would want it.

I was wrong, some guys drove all the way to Phila.
from New England and bought that car on the spot.

I not only made money getting rid of my junk, but I
realized that anything can be sold online.

So if you think you can’t afford to fund your new
venture, think again.

Check out your closets, garage and basement.

Your junk could be someone elses treasure.

Take a look at anything you don’t need and is in
good condition.

Don’t look at is as junk.

Look at it as piles of cash, just blowing in the wind.

I’ll bet you have more money just laying around, than
you ever realized.

So the next time you think you don’t have the money to
put together a war chest, think again.

You have the money. You just need to be creative.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

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