Are You Too Honest – Need a Reputable Way to Make Money Online?

Are you searching for a reputable way to make money online? After digging around for a few hours have you concluded that you are just too honest to do what others are doing to make money with their computer?

I know exactly how you feel. For a couple of years I have been evaluating these different programs to make money at home in hopes that I would find a reputable program to recommend. The scams far outnumber anything that looks honest.

Some websites are glitzy and some are a joke. Others try to tell you that their offer is only good for “1 more day” (24 hours!) When I would return the next day, the website still claimed time was running out; and the next day. It always said that.

Some people never check that stuff out and others are hurting so badly for a way to make money that they believe what they want to believe. Are you that way?

95% of the garbage I found I just could not bring myself to mention to anyone, other than to stay away from it. I have a reputation at stake and yes, I want to be able to sleep at night. If a make money program is a scam I do not want anything to do with it.

What I have found is that article marketing is one of the easiest and most reputable to make money online. Oh, sure, it can be used by scammers too, but it is all in what you write. If you write honestly, as you and I intend to, then it can be our answer to developing a long term stream of internet income.

You may have heard this before, and maybe even tried it. With the right help you can generate an income that will last and last. The work is honest and you can feel good about it.

How can you tell if a program is reputable?

First, see if the website has any information on the people behind it. Many of the best programs for sale will have a person that puts themselves out into the open and tells his or her own story. Contact them if you can. Any non automated response is a good sign.

Second, look for reviews of the program that are not just promotions. Forums can be a great place to find the good and the bad. Most programs will have at least one sour grapes review. Read them all.

Third, and most important, try to find a person you can trust who may recommend one way or another. A media figure doing a review or someone with an established website and a following is more likely to be trusted. (How about yours truly?)

Fourth, look for a money back guarantee. Those with a good program almost always offer 30 to 60 days no questions money back guarantee.

Have I hit on some of the questions you have been asking?

If your honesty has you scratching your head trying to find a reputable way to make money online then find out what I am risking my reputation on.

Since I am asked this question so often by people who do trust my opinion I have setup a special website offering a special bonus. The address is

Honest people are not shut out of the internet. Find a reputable way to make money online at

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