ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva

Move over Martha Stewart

ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva,
Or Should We Say, “DIVO”

Hollywood, CA¬†–July 18, 2004 —ABC’s new reality TV competition, the Great Domestic Showdown, revealed an unexpected winner from a pack of 6 determined domestic competitors. In an under dog victory reminiscent of the movie Rocky, real life Italian Stallion and Hollywood event producer Frank Fontana claimed the crown of Domestic Divo and is on his way to building a media empire of domestic greatness.

Fontana had this to say about winning the show, “I was truly grateful and thrilled, to have won the competition. I hope I have inspired people to dream big and take creative chances in their lives.” He goes on to say, “It’s about time Macho makes a comeback in the lifestyle world, and I am proud to lead that charge.”

Each contestant had to prove their skills in decorating, cooking, entertaining, and for the final challenge, produced an entire wedding in two days. Judging the intense competition were Sandra Lee, host of the Food Network’s Semi-Homemade; Robert Verdi, host of Discovery Channel’s Surprise by Design; and Govind Armstrong, one of LA’s top chefs.

The three celebrity judges based their decision on originality, creativity, resourcefulness and ability to stay within the rules under strict time constraints.

Fontana’s reward…a pilot deal for a television show of his own, a book deal with Hyperion Books, and a featured appearance on Good Morning America.

With a book to write and a TV show to pull together, you can bet Frank Fontana will be a busy man in the upcoming months. Fontana looks forward to showing off his crown.


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