5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your MLM Blog Without Spending Much On Advertising

You want to generate more list so that you can make more cash on network marketing, but you’re having problem getting traffic to your MLM blogsite? If so, you are not alone, in fact many newbie marketers are having the same problem also.

Putting an MLM Blog to generate more leads for your network marketing is no different than running any traditional business – you need to find ways to reach people.

The best way to be a successful MLM entrepreneur is to create your nerve center which is your MLM blog, direct people to your blog, then build a list, and then market to that list.

But how do you do this, without spending a dime on advertising

1. Learn How to Generate Traffic to Your MLM Blog Site.

Search Engine traffic (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) is the place to generate traffic for your blog. Getting to the top of search engines is great and it gives you more traffic. However, it is not easy and it does take time.

Another way to get traffic is through social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Most of my traffics are coming from Facebook. There are two ways on how I generate traffic from it:

Broadcast Your Content – whenever I got a new post I broadcast it on my FB group page and Business page.
Networking – Connect to people, give value to them, therefore you can make new friend.
2. Subscribe to An Auto Responder and Create Your Own Newsletter

By creating your own newsletter, you can contact each person with a click of a button using an auto-responder, increasing your chance for a sale.

3. Submit Your Blog Post to Article Directories

By Submitting your articles to article directories you position yourself as an expert; when you article is published, you get a link back to your site which helps your website gains more SEO ranking. You can get your articles listed on the following:

Getting listed on this article directories, can help you get listed in more specialized websites, newsletters, and magazine, helping you reach the right people.

4. Place newsletter, magazine, and newspaper ads

When spending money on ads, start out small especially if it is your first time. Don’t spend too much especially if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you are just in a trial and error stage. It’s easy to spend money on ads thinking that you will get more responses – but unfortunately, it’s not the way it is. Better hire an advertising agency with a proven track record on placing ads on newsletters, magazine, and news paper ads.

Another thing, make sure that your content offer something valuable to your target audience.

5. Beware of SCAMS

Submitting your MLM blog to 100 search engines and web directories for only $14.99. Getting your blog listed on top 10 on all search engines for just $100. Most of these sound very temping especially when you’re just starting out. But unfortunately these are the great way to drain your cash quickly. How sure are you that they will submit it? Most of these so called submission companies want your money.

Edison Victorino is a Social Media Entrepreneur and Network Marketer coaching home business entrepreneurs how to utilize the internet and social media to profit more on their businesses and to make money online.For more valued information, tips and tricks, and training when it comes to subject of network marketing and online MLM visit http://www.7figurehomebusiness.com

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