Pixel Advertising

What’s the latest way to promote your website? Pixeladvertising!

A uni student in the UK, Alex Tew, decided he wanted tofund his way through university. So he came up with theidea of selling pixels via his website http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/

No-one could have predicted the amazing results. Withinthe last month he has sold over $250,000 worth of pixels!

The rationale is actually quite sensible and relies on acatchy idea and viral marketing.

The goal of marketing is to get your product in front ofas many eyeballs as possible. The Million Dollar Homepagesucceeds at this admirably. People see the website andare so amazed at how ridiculous it is that they tell theirfriends about it either through online forums or email.The meme spreads and soon enough, the site is receiving ahuge amount of traffic.

Now a virtuous circle ensues. Because the site is gettinglots of traffic it makes the pixels even more valuable.Pay $100 for a square of pixels and you’ll instantly haveyour ad in front of many people. Thus more pixels are soldwhich leads to more amazement at how successful the siteis which leads to even more publicity. And so it goes.

Anything successful is bound to have imitators and thiscase is no exception. Many other websites have sprung upselling pixels at different rates.

One interesting imitatorhttp://www.mostexpensivepixelontheinternet.com/ takes theidea to its logical conclusion. How much are peopleprepared to pay for a single pixel? The site is auctioningoff a single pixel, thus letting the market decide.

Is it worth it to advertise on the Million Dollar Homepage?The case study available on the site seems to suggest it is.

Will it be long lasting or just a fad? At this point intime, it seems like pixel advertising is here to stay.

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