How Much Per Year Do You spend On Advertising?

If you are a serious player (or you want to be) then
advertising should be your largest expense, getting your
message out to as many places as possible should be your
number one priority.
There are a lot of people out there telling you to join their
free program and get free advertising, OK it costs you nothing
to join.

But (and there is always a but) that is only a way to entice
you into the program so they can persuade you to join there
paid services.

That’s not a con that’s a business strategy, you do get
something for free, and you will make some sales.
However all the big players know that to be a success you
need to put your message in front of people who will buy,
and free programs are full of people who want things for

You or I, or anybody else won’t get rich on “free”;
to break out into the big world you need to get an
advertising strategy.
When you make a sale use the money to purchase a paid solo
ad or high profile text ads on a high profile web pages.
This is called “investment in your business” and without it
you will never see success.

Let me tell you a story, I was speaking to a customer
(via email) about certain questions he had about one of my
products. He was about to place an order for advertising
but couldn’t believe the prices I was charging
(I must put my prices up)

He wanted to know how it would work, and what the percentage
of sales he might get etc
(asking questions about a purchase you are about to make is
good business sense).
It turns out he spends over a $1000.00 per month on
advertising, gets about 1300 hits a month and makes
25 sales of a product that starts at $200.00.
The calculator in my head worked out that means he makes
$5000.00 plus per month on a $1000.00 investment.

My product would take his $1000.00 and double its purchasing
power (or halve his costs), making $10.000 a month in sales
a distinct possibility.

Was he interested?

You bet he was because he knew that the only way to earn an
income like that was through targeted paid advertising.
His only concern was the quality of the advertising
(note his concern was the quality not the cost).
I simply reassured him that I had tested them,
I had negotiated the discount for him, all he had to do was
pay the fee to join the discount service and he could have
direct access to them.

What will he do with the money I saved him,
well as a savvy marketeer he will use it to grow his business,
he may even increase his investment as his revenues climb.

Ok most of you don’t have $1000.00 per month to spare
and you don’t have a $200.00 product.
So start off with a smaller budget and grow it.
Make a $20.00 sale, place a $20.00 ad.
This makes you 3 $20.00 sales
so place a $60.00 ad, this makes you 10 $20.00 sales
so place a $200.00 ad and so on.

You got to speculate to accumulate. It’s as simple as that!

Robert Puddy, Webmaster at: http://www.hotbobs.comeditor of the Affiliate Know-How ezinesubscribe@hotbobs.comAnd CEO of the ezine ad shop discount club.http://www.hotbobs.con/advertising_discount_club.htm

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