Avoid Losing Money and Start Living the Ultimate Dream!

I have yet to meet a person who enjoys losing money. All of us who currently market on the Internet are continually striving to learn “how” to make money and avoid losing it. Once we learn that secret, we would be living this dream.

Still, one answer that I get more often than not is: “If I could buy a home and stop losing money on renting or buy
that cash making rental property, THAT would be the Ultimate Dream for me and my family!”

The rules as it were for buying a home have changed immensely through the years. I recall my grandfather
telling me that he ‘shook hands’ with his banker to build his house back in 1948.

And when he needed an additional amount to finish the house, the banker came to the home, looked at a huge beautiful Weeping Willow tree and said: “Harry, we’ll use that mighty tree for collateral to help you finish
the house.”

The point? Yes, things have definitely changed. It has become increasingly difficult for many to buy a home for
several different reasons. One major reason is credit!

I was reading the other day a statistic that literally made my mouth drop to the floor. “Nearly 85% of Americans
have some type of credit impairment or problem on their credit report.” But that was not all. Of those 85%,
over 37% cannot for one reason or another buy a house.

I was shocked at those numbers. Still, another reason that many cannot buy a home or even rental properties is
lack of down payment. This as well as a ‘unhealthy’ debt to income ratio can be as hurtful to someone buying a
home as having a negative credit report.

Yes, it pains many, many people to keep losing this money by renting… month after month, never seeing any equity
in what they are paying for.

Or how about the business minded person that understands the concept of investing in rental properties to build
their equity and net worth but cannot due to their credit being over extended or not having the cash flow or down
payment needed to close this type of business deal.

Whatever a person’s situation is, ranging from bad credit to low down payments to being over extended,
…this keeps many from enjoying the Ultimate Dream.

However, there are proven steps that a buyer can take to improve whatever situation is keeping them from buying
their home. Listen closely, because this can greatly benefit you, a relative or a friend in this situation!

– First, check your credit report to see what is on there. Preferably before you apply for a house loan. In fact,
there are many websites that offer a ‘FREE’ credit report.
Free Credit Report

– Second, seek counseling or debt assistance so that you can remedy the problem now because a rejection doesn’t
have to last forever! Remember that. 🙂
Debt Assistance

– Third, do your research. There are mortgage companies that will work with B,C, and D clients (Those with various
credit blemishes) and still get many of them into a home.
Mortgage Loans

Okay. But what if you want a home or rental property right now? What if you know that it will take a while to fix or
re-establish your credit? And what if you only have $2000, $3000, $4000 or even $5000 to put in a house and
you’re still required to come up with more money? Is there anyone that can help you now? Are renters ‘doomed’
and banished to this renting world forever?

No. For some reason, people think they have to rent because there are no alternatives available. Or maybe it’s because they’ve heard so many rejections from so many people. Well, I am happy to say there is good news on the horizon.

There does exist an exciting and alternative road to pursue. There is a ‘private mortgage program’ that can put a renter or would-be investor into a home, commercial or rental property many times within 30 days or less with…

1. NO Credit Checks
2. No collateral
3. and in many cases, a Lower down payment

Visit: http://ultimatetrafficjam.com/renpn.html
Instant RE

Imagine not having to deal with all the extensive paperwork, the 2 years of financial statements, the credit
report, and the stringent debt to income ratios that have kept many from enjoying their American dream.

FACT: This works unbelievably well for homes, condos, townhomes, commercial and rental properties. Remember, you
can now enter the lucrative real estate world by buying rental properties with this incredible program that can
make you large amounts of cash each and every month.

This exciting and very unique program works in all 50 states and is 100% legal… it works.

Do something positive about your situation today. But whatever you decide, work on improving your credit report or stay at that job for sufficient proof of income.

Your family will be forever grateful to you for getting them into that home or buying that rental property what-
ever way you can… yes that home that now you are building equity in. That truly is an Ultimate Dream come true.

Floyd Tapia, is the editor of New Age Internet Marketing newsletter – N.A.I.M. (http://ultimatetrafficjam.com)He’s also been in the real estate industry as an investor, agent and fiancier for 15 years. Contact Instant RE today at: http://ultimatetrafficjam.com/renpn.htmlInstant RE This article may be published if the content and resource box remains intact.

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