Affiliate Marketing Training Manual for all[1-10]Getting started.

For the newbies affiliate marketing is when you go to a company A who sells a product or service.You complete the quick application process.The company approves your application.The company provides you with a unique link.This link contains your own unique affiliate ID.It is up to you to market this product and when you make a sale you get a commission on the sale.Don’t worry about how to make a sale.It can be done without moving from your couch.To join the affiliate marketing program is free.

One of the things you may be wondering about is where do I find these companies to become affiliated to?The best way is to go to a search engine on the net and type in Affiliate marketing directories.You Will find thousands and thousands of companies who would kill to get you to market their products or services.The one that I like and use is at has a great selection(thousand) of products to also guarantees that you will get paid your commission.They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on the products.

Now selecting a product is one of the most important aspects off affiliate marketing:
1}To start off select a product that now and have interest in or are passionate about.This will make it easier to market.
2}Do same research on the product.See if it is popular and does what it claims to do.
3}Look at the commission that you will be generating.It can be anything from 25% to75%.It takes the same effort to make 25% or 75% commission.I would take the 75% commission product.

Last but not least.
All affiliate marketing programs are in escens the same,but do differ in some small ways and these small differences can make a big difference in money.

In the next article we will be looking in more dept at same of these small differences that can make a big difference in money.

Jaco Steenkamp is an up and coming affiliate marketer.He believes that the only why to make it in affiliate marketing is to help other people to make it.Jaco Steenkamp recommends that for more ideas you visit.

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