How To Get Traffic To Your Blog And Make Money With It

Anyone wants to make money with their own blog today. It usually starts with creating your own blog on and putting up some Adsense ads.

The real problem is that not everyone knows how to drive traffic to their blog to make it profitable.

I would like to give you some tips and tricks on how you can drive traffic to your blog and get it into search engines.

Once you create your blog using you should edit the template you selected for your theme. You will need to add description and keywords meta tags first.

To accomplish that simply click on your template tab in your main Blogger account and add the meta tags right below your title tag.

If you don’t know how to generate meta tags please visit:

Next, I would suggest you to get an account at to create your feed. Go to:

Optimize your feed at feedburner so it only displays about first 150 characters of each post. I do this to minimize the risk of duplicate content. So each time you make a post only a part of that post will be displayed on your feedburner page.

Next, link to your feedburner page from your blog to make it visible to search engine spiders and get it indexed. This will give you backlinks to each new post you make.

Now you should add some feed subscription buttons on your blog, so people can bookmark it and add it to their feed readers.

I found a great feed subscription button maker at:

Simply fill out their form and generate the html code to place in your blog template code. I would insert it into your sidebar section of your blog.

Next, add your own blog to your personalized Google home page, My Yahoo, and My MSN. This will get the search engine spiders to revisit.

Create an account at Technorati and add your blog to your favorites.

You will now need a lot of backlinks which can be easily done by writing a few articles and tagging all your blog posts. Write an article that is relevant to your blog niche and submit it to major article directories for distribution. I would suggest using isnare.comYou could also write a press release using and use the paid option to get some decent exposure and lots of backlinks.

Make sure your blog is somehow optimized for search engine rankings. Add your main keywords in your blog title and description. If you decide to exchange links with other webmasters make sure to use anchor text in your links.

Now simply keep up with updating your blog frequently and you should start seeing some great results as far as traffic.

The real power of this process is in duplication. If you can duplicate this process many times over you could earn a substantial amount of money every month.

It would require you to hire people to post in your blogs which falls into another topic called outsourcing.

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